OBGYN West | Gregg A. Teigen, MD
Gregg A. Teigen, MD

Determined, dependable, devoted.

Gregg Teigen (pronounced TY-gen) has been called a lot of things by those who know and love him: a kind and accomplished doctor, a fun-loving father of two girls and a funny, sensitive guy from St. Paul. But on a recent summer day, after swimming 2.4 miles, biking 112 miles and then running a 26.2 mile marathon in one day, Dr. Teigen added another descriptor to his name: Iron Man® Finisher.

"I've always been active and run marathons," he explains. "But then a couple of years ago, I competed in a triathlon. And in the back of my mind-for like 20 years-I've wanted to do an Iron Man."

It's that same kind of discipline and "can do" attitude that Gregg brings to everything he does, especially his work life. "I like OBGYN West because we've been on the forefront in this community providing minimally invasive procedures for our patients," he explains. "Some are called laparoscopic procedures and I like how they offer less discomfort, better relief and quicker recovery to my patients."

Dr. Teigen also appreciates that OBGYN West is providing more services inside the clinic that once required a hospital visit. "These procedures are just as effective as what you'd get at the hospital," he explains, "but again, they get you home and back to your day-to-day life a lot quicker." Gregg understands the importance of continuity at home.

Incidentally, Gregg and Kris have another connection with OBGYN West. He and his colleague, Dr. Wes Grootwassink, actually met through their wives, when Wes was in med school and Kris and Wes' wife, Christy, were working together as nurses.

"Wes and I have been friends for a long time," explains Dr. Teigen, who spent two years in med school with Dr. Grootwassink. "It's been a treat to practice with him and all the other great doctors at OBGYN West. I like how we make it our practice to work hard and play hard, too." Whether that means there's another Iron Man in Dr. Teigen's future, that's anyone's guess. But no matter what he does, you can bet he's in it for the long run.

Medical School:

St. Louis University School of Medicine

Residency Program:

University of Minnesota Medical School


Named a “Top Doctor for Women” by Minneapolis Monthly Magazine 2009

Board Certified:

American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology


American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (FACOG)


  • Minnesota State OBGYN Society
  • Minneapolis Council of OBGYN

Staff Affiliations:

  • Former Chairman Department of OBGYN at Fairview Southdale Hospital
  • Assistant Clinical Professor at the University of Minnesota